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Alert Fire Safety

Developed to ensure all owners of properties within bushfire prone areas are knowledgable and equipped for bush fires.
Fighting a bush fire is not about getting a hose and trying to put out a fire. You need to understand your property, direction fire may enter your property, planning to stay and defend or leave early, ensure your rural fire water system is ready for action, staying alert, etc, etc.

What we try to do is simplify all of the above and prepare clients for what may happen. The more you are aware or the more you know what to do if a fire is heading to your property will allow you to stay calm and focused.

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We offer the following.

  • Fire fighting equipment such as clothing, gloves, balaclavas, boots, socks, helmets, goggles, air tanks, fire blankets, etc. We sell packages to save our clients time.
  • Pumps, rural fire water systems
  • Fire action plans
  • European wood pellet heaters which are 3 times as efficient as a conventional wood heater. These heaters can be used for hydronic heating, hot water, solar, etc
  • Refrigerated heating and cooling units.
  • General plumbing. Waste water systems, rain water tanks, sewer connections, gas fitting, etc.
  • Electrical.
  • Project management. From new builds to renovations, to preparing properties for fire which includes landscaping, tree management, building, etc
  • Fire bunkers
  • Decorative lighting