European Wood Pellet Heaters & Boilers

Have you had enough of chopping wood, stacking wood, drying wood, cleaning out the fire, starting the fire, cleaning up all the dust a fire creates? The list goes on. A wood fire is a great heat source but a lot of work. Time is precious and we have a solution.

New to Australia, the state of the art Blackstar Wood Pellet Hydronic Heater provides a brilliant even heat throughout your home. 4 times more efficient than traditional Wood Heaters and environmentally friendly.

  • Turn on and off remotely from your smart phone
  • Burns compressed wood chips which last 4 times longer than red gum
  • Easy to load
  • Can connect to hydronic heating, pool/spa heating, hot water for home.
  • Less space is required to store compressed wood pellets.
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Systems range from 10kw up to 50kw.